internet marketing services

internet marketing services

Internet marketing encompasses many complementary aspects, all of which should be taken into consideration in order to be effective.

If you're designing a flyer, it has to get your message across as quickly and as 'stickily' as possible, to as many of your target market as possible, in order to generate the response you require. Keeping a well designed flyer in boxes in the stationery cupboard, or distributing thousands of badly designed flyers will have the same net effect - zilch. Worse, bad design can be counter-productive and actually do your reputation - and therefore your business - great harm. A web presence is much the same. It's no good having a great site if no one sees it and it's no good thousands of people seeing your site if it's not up to scratch, if the message doesn't come across quickly, or if it's off putting.

We'll take everything into account when designing a website which you have commissioned and will be buying from us, or when designing one which will be generating revenue for us taken from commissions on sales that we have generated on your behalf.

The internet is a great place to experiment, you might try one design for a week or so to measure response, then alter it slightly, or radically and re-measure and analyse the results. Website statistics packages and Google Analytics will be able to provide the information you need regarding the effectiveness of your website and its marketing.

Our solutions include the provision of free websites and marketing - you'll pay us only when we perform, or alternatively, we can build what you need and leave the marketing up to you, you pay only for the design and hosting etc. or a mixture of the two. It's your choice.