Hosting. Now there's a contentious issue.

OK, if you've a simple website with little or no interactivity, those hosts who ask pennies for hosting on their servers, or provide it free, might just be the ticket. However, you might find your site has a bandwidth limit, so if traffic does build significantly, visitors might simply see 'This site has exceeded its daily bandwidth limit.', rather than your content. And how would you know that's happening? And what damage does that do to your image? If you need more functionality within your site than offered by the cheaper host's basic package, then you might start racking up what you pay out each month or year. And of course, customer support may be downright hard to find, never mind obtain. Or it could be prohibitively expensive, especially if the telephone number provided proves to be a premium rate number or an international one and you're hanging on for ages waiting for a real person to assist.

And if you wish to move your site to another host's servers? You might just find in-built delay, administration costs, severe difficulty in making the request and the list can go on.

So, please consider us, instead.

We host on servers located within the UK. We manage those servers in house. We don't use premium rate telephone numbers and we're based in the UK. If you host with us, you can move your site with no forfeit, no administration costs, often within minutes and no pressure put upon you to remain.

Our servers consistently remain 'up', with downtime to date less than 0.01% of the total. That's 99.99% uptime. We host on state of the art servers and ensure they're always up to speed as far as functionality goes, so whatever your needs, we're pretty certain we can cover them.