Pay Per Click Management

Google quickly became the search engine of choice some years back and pretty soon launched its Pay Per Click (PPC) product. In the meantime, it changed its oft quoted 'algorithm' so that all the hard work carried out by search engine optimisation companies was suddenly, without warning, disrupted. This changed the internet overnight, never to be the same again. Other search engines soon followed suit, so that it's all but impossible to find one that doesn't have some form of PPC product on offer. Google continues to dominate the market, with 80%+ of all searches being made there.

It is still possible to be 'No 1 on Google' within the free, or so called 'organic' listings, but this is generally on a very small number of 'key phrases'. It is nigh on impossible to 'optimise' for more than a few at a time, unless your website contains hundreds, if not thousands of separate pages, each optimised for specific phrases, though not all of the pages are likely to be 'indexed' by the engines, many simply index a few pages at most. Creating hundreds of pages would of course be prohibitively expensive for most small businesses.

Pay Per Click campaigns are more structured. These consist of a database, held on the search engines' servers, within which you can specify key words and phrases. You can allocate the maximum price you are willing to pay to appear on the engines' search results and influence the positioning of your advert. However, management is not as simple as the engines would have you believe. There is a huge learning curve to go through if you want to have an effective campaign running. There are also pitfalls and, if you are not aware of these, you can end up paying a good deal of money for little or no result. The results of mismanagement can be spotted by experienced PPC managers, even without access to the campaign itself - spurious keywords or phrases being at 'silly money' prices.

We have been managing PPC campaigns for some years now, generating relevant traffic to websites of all shapes and colours, generating business for our clients, at a cost which even taking into account our own profit, is lower than achieved by some businesses going it alone.

You know your business. Why not concentrate your efforts into running that, and let us run your PPC campaign for you, as we know what we're doing there?