Pay Per Response

Now, this is where we come into our real forte. Some years back, after successfully helping several clients to expand their businesses, with little reward for us save the one-off payment for a website, annual hosting fees and a small premium for ongoing support, we decided to change our business model. Rather than building websites for clients and charging for the design, hosting etc., we decided to provide all those services free and to be paid for the business we generated for our clients. This revolutionised our company, in that we could concentrate on a smaller number of clients and dedicate time and money towards getting them increased revenue - for which they were naturally happy to pay.

We started with a company specialising in remanufacturing motor vehicle engines - they were able to completely cancel all of their expensive adverts in Exchange & Mart and other paper media and to divert some of what they had been spending to us. We dramatically increased their turnover almost overnight, in fact, within weeks of setting up a new website, we generated more business daily, via organic listings, than they had generated via their own website since going live. Their hope that the internet might generate business became faith that it could.

Shortly after promoting ourselves online, as sales lead generators, we received an enquiry from a group of surveyors specialising in loft and cavity wall insulation, asking us to provide as many leads as possible. After a couple of weeks, they asked us to stop, we had generated more leads than they could hope to cope with or pay for, simply because they could not work that quickly. So, our solution was to make the campaign national and find surveyors throughout the UK who could take on those extra leads. Now, with automated systems distributing leads to surveyors based on their postcode coverage, we are running one of the most effective Pay Per Response campaigns in the country. ALL enquiries for this campaign are generated by free, or so-called 'organic' listings in the various search engines. This helps us to keep the cost of the leads far lower than the vast majority charge. We sell each lead only once, so our clients are not chasing each others' tails trying to get to a potential customer first.