Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimisation - the process of making your website search engine (Google*) friendly. This consists of a good deal more than merely adding keywords and phrases to your site pages and back-linking from other sites. We won't go into all the ins-and-outs on this page, suffice to say that we make our living out of the actual results of our SEO efforts. Businesses out there pay us for what we achieve on their behalf. Not on empty promise of results and payment up front, but on business generated.

Google Ranking: In general, webmasters can improve the Google Rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages. However, if it was that simple, all we would need to do would be to become listed on thousands of sites and the job would be done. And getting listed on thousands of sites isn't actually that difficult - there are plenty of people out there offering just that service. But from 'high-quality' sites? No. Please don't fall for that scam - your site may end up being 'black listed' for 'spamming' the search engines and therefore not listed on Google at all, rather than achieving what you require.

Google reviews its famous algorithm on a daily basis. A recent article on this subject stated: '....just last week Google search engineers met to consider 27 separate changes to... the factors that Google uses to rank search results.' This has famously dropped literally millions of pages off the listings in the past, pages with longevity, relevance, backlinks, months of SEO effort etc. Etc., to the utter frustration of the site owners and webmasters involved.

We can advise and carry out this vital work for you.

*Google remains the number 1 source of search engine generated traffic to the vast majority of web sites. Becoming Google friendly is a no brainer therefore.