Live Help

You've got a great site, the client is seeing exactly what they want to see, but frustratingly the biggest challenge is still to get the viewer to engage with your business.

With live help, they can ask you a question in complete anonymity. Once they type in a question to your site, an alarm will sound on any of your staffs PCs that are logged on to the system.

The system works in real time, and you don't need to be at work to answer the questions, in fact you can be anywhere in the world that's connected to the Internet. All you need is your log-in details and you can start talking to potential customers whenever you wish.

If you don't wish to answer live help questions, simply log off and the icon disappears. If you have multiple staff members you wish to engage with clients this way, the system can be set up to circulate, daisychain or queue as you wish.