Brochure Web sites

If you offer a service, want to raise brand awareness or simply want to dip your toes in to see what all the fuss is about a brochure site is likely to be your best option.

Although they're called 'Brochure Sites', ideally they shouldn't bear much resemblance to a brochure at all. A good site should be an interactive experience, allowing the viewer to concentrate on the material the viewer is looking for rather than having to read through a brochure.

Many companies will offer you a 'cheap' electronic version of your existing sales brochures. Whilst this may be attractive to your budget initially, it's unlikely to realise any real benefit on your expenditure.

On the other hand we don't believe sites should be expensive to justify their presence, they should however be well designed, affordable and offer a good return on investment.

Our philosophy

Sites created by technicians work like clockwork, load in nanoseconds but look like they've been designed by a technician. Many viewers will click-away.

Sites created by designers look fantastic but take ages to load and seldom work smoothly. Customers don't have time to hang about.

Sites created by anyone without the knowledge of search engine optimisation or Internet marketing don't get a chance to load slowly or look bad, they'll never get a chance to be seen.

At IMK every site we develop benefits from the expertise of our design, technical and marketing teams, managed by a single point of contact. The customer is involved along each step of the process as much as possible, after all you're the expert on your business, and we're the experts on ours.