Software development services


We provide bespoke PC or web server based solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

In the past, we have created specific solutions for the likes of:

For Glasscare - an enquiry management system which handled everything from the initial request for a windscreen repair/replacement, through to billing the insurers. This system enable the redeployment of several switchboard operators and other personnel into more profitable areas of the business.

For ServiceCertainty - allowing the management of a nationwide group of professional photographers by multiple insurance companies who need rapid photographic evidence of loss or damage. This automated system obviates the need to employ such staff in house, or the need to travel large distances.

For letting agents - Property management solutions. Taking into account such tasks as regular gas safety checks and other reminders for a specific tenant; rent paid; deposit paid; properties available for rent and soon to be available etc.

Various other database driven solutions to accomplish a myriad of tasks, such as bespoke shopping carts, sales lead distribution systems based on postcode and market sector.

Being web based, the solutions are available to you wherever you might be at the time, as long as you have access to the internet. Or, should you require it, some part or the whole might be hosted locally so that data sensitive tasks can only be undertaken from the one in-house machine.

So, if you need a solution that you haven't been able to source elsewhere, feel free to contact us about it. We'll ensure you get exactly what you need, at a reasonable cost.

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