Social Networking

Social networking

Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, millions of people use these sites on a regular basis and so, they can be used to advertise your business.

If you're using FaceBook, you might set up a 'Group' within which people discuss your products and services. They might do half the job for you, as long as they're happy with what you provide and discuss in a positive fashion. They'll share your information with like minded people and get the word spread quickly - as long as you're providing the impetus with something unique, lower priced, exciting.... You can add videos and images very easily, further adding to your corporate image.

FaceBook also allows for pretty tight advertising to a specifically targeted audience in its 'Marketplace'. These audiences can be drilled down to specific geographical locations, genders, age ranges, even the stated interests of Facebook members. It's not without reason that huge corporates advertise their wares there.

Twitter can also become a major sales channel. 1 'tweet' might spark off a huge 're-tweet' by those following you. Recently, the story of a man with bird flu went from just a few people locally knowing about him, to a worldwide known figure, in less than 2 days, purely through Twitter. A carefully worded 'tweet' can have a major impact.

We can advise on both these media, as well as others out there. Simply ontact us to arrange an appointment.