Developing 'apps' for smartphones

To give but one example of smartphone 'apps' we can develop, we recently developed one for a client which is proving to be extremely useful to them. 


With the use of our in-house developed app, various companies operating in the domestic insurance sector can instruct specified freelance field representatives nationwide (dependent on their location throughout the length and breadth of the UK) to all but immediately verify damage to vehicles and other property photographically, generally within one hour of a claim being made.

This very rapid response helps to ensure genuine claims are dealt with quickly and as a bonus, fraudulent claims are proving to be reduced, the claimants abandoning their claim once they know all but immediate verification is impending.

The 'app' ensures that all relevant information is provided to the nearest field operative and that the operative's response is logged to the correct company by return, without the need to maintain a database within the mobile device. Simple download of the app itself handles everything necessary.